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The focus of our business is finding, researching and selling fine art and antiques to collectors, dealers and institutions. At plcombs, our goal is to buy the best we can in the fields of art and antiques that interest us the most.
Fortunately, New England and, in particular Boston’s North Shore, has a distinguished history that dates back to the 18th century as a hub for collecting fine and rare art. Please feel free to poke around the site, ask questions, and have some fun exploring our links.
If you’re seeking to buy or sell fine art and antiques that range from Asian works of art to the best in decorative accessories as well as maritime art, think of plcombs in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Call or email us.
You will find a diverse selection of Asian art from China, Japan, sometimes Korea (we love Korean art, but not much appears locally), and Western decorative arts in our inventory. As you browse our site, we hope that what you see will stimulate your senses as much as a stroll through a good gallery.
We have porcelains and stonewares dating from the Chinese Sung, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties as well as the Edo and Meiji periods of Japan. We try very hard to provide detailed and large photos of each object from multiple angles so that you will have the best possible viewing experience. We know that it's essential for our buyers to be able to examine the glaze of a celadon, the foot of a Kangxi vase or the details of a fine lacquer or bamboo carving as closely as possible.

Chinese Ceramics

We almost always have Sung, Yuan and Qing monochromes in stock—from Soft Chun and Qingbai to celadons. We are also interested in examples from the various trading periods of the late Ming dynasty right up through the era of Salem, Massachusetts China Trade. These glorious examples range from Kinrade and Wucai enamels to Familles Verte, Jaune and Rose, and Underglaze blue. Fascinatingly, trade wares were produced in every shape and form imaginable, and previously undiscovered styles still turn up once in a while.

Japanese Ceramics

As many of you who’ve been buying from us for years know, we sell almost as much Imari, Arita, Oribe, Shino pottery and tea wares as anything else. We invite your inquiries.

Asian Paintings & Scrolls

During the course of every year, we manage to acquire an interesting selection of domestic market Chinese and Japanese paintings from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. We also enjoy selling fine 20th century examples and, when we can find them, we love to bring in interesting China Trade export works of art.

Other Objects: Carvings; Lacquers, Bamboos, Bronzes, Jades, et al

We love to ferret out other decorative objects such as wonderfully carved bamboos with deep patinas, finely worked lacquers and glowing bronzes. Yes, we do get them!

Paintings, Lithographs, Etchings and Photography

In addition to Asian art, we also inventory a fine variety of antique paintings and contemporary works by acknowledged Gloucester, Cape Ann and North Shore artists. We also offer an evocative selection of photographs by superb local artists. Please take a look in the European and American Decorative Arts section of the site.

Decorative American & European Accessories & Carpets

As with everything, our criteria for deciding what to offer our customers is whether or not it has great merit, whether or not it's interesting and whether or not it's a quality item. So the possibilities are pretty much endless—silver, enamels, bronzes, sculpture, Native American, Arts and Crafts, great antique Persian and Tribal rugs, and on and on.